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Essential Elements

Center for Regneration & Pain Relief


Essential Elements
Center for Regeneration & Pain Relief
Sarah L Hicks LMT, RYT

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At Essential Elements we know every person is unique.   

That is why we are dedicated to creating programs that match each individuals needs with their goals in mind.

Combining specialized training with cutting edge equipment. We offer innovative technology with integrative care.

Our programs include Medical & Orthopedic Massage, Sports Injury Techniques Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point & Reflexology.

We combine these powerful bodywork techniques with the most advanced equipment  in Infrared Light Therapy. We use three clinical Model Anodyne Units for treatment of Whiplash, Diabetic Neuropathy, Wound Regeneration, Broken Bones, Soft Tissue Injury & Repetitive Strain Injury.

We also carry Healthlight Infrared Units for rentals & sales so you bring the benefit of infrareds healing ability into the comfort of your own home to expedite recovery from injury & illness or for pain management when living with a chronic condition.

We also offer sessions in our 4-5 person Far Infrared Sauna. Our Deluxe Model is designed to offer the highest level of comfort with maximum efficiency with 10 low EMF carbon heaters. The Infrared Sauna is an ideal tool for pain management. It is also used for detoxification of heavy metals & many other environmental toxins as well as weight loss, stress relief, decreasing blood pressure. 

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